Modern Language Courses - Level B2+

Current students (2019/2020) of the 1st year of

  • LLM (International and European Law),
  • Medical Biotechnology,

who, in their program of studies, are required to attend the course at level B2+ in the third semester (winter term 2020/2020) are requested to sign up at USOS UL (see instructions below) for the language course between 15.06.2020 do 25.06.2020. The system closes at 11.59pm

The choice of the modern language is made by the student within the organizational capacity of the Foreign Languages Centre (FLC).

ATTENTION! Students do not qualify in any qualification tests!

Instruction for students on how to enroll for level B2+

  • enter: (this is the only option to sign up for level B2+ courses),
  • log onto the website - same login and password as for USOSWeb [your 'registration cart' appears - this is a chart with information including: tokens spent, the number of remaining tokens, etc.],
  • go to the 'registrations' tab (60 tokens are required for level B2+),
  • consecutively select: 'Tura' > 'Name of course group' > 'Course name' > 'Group' you want to sign up for (the group description will appear once you scroll over it with the cursor or as 'additional information' once you click on it,
  • enroll for the group you have selected by adding it to your 'registration cart' [adding to cart = signing up for the group],
  • after data migration your name will be visible in the group at USOSWeb.

Master's course students who submit an international language certificate, or another document confirming their language proficiency at level C1 or level C2, accepted by the Foreign Languages Centre (FLC) are not required to attend courses at the Foreign Languages Centre (FLC).