1. Students take a placement test. Its date is provided at both: the meeting organised by the International Office, and the webpage of our Foreign Languages Centre (FLC).
  2. Placement test results and links to contact heads of language sections are to be found: at Incoming Students.
  3. Students should find a group at the appropriate level and contact the teacher in order to sign up for the course.
  4. International students join Polish students in their groups.
  5. Students continue learning a language they have studied before.
  6. In beginner groups working knowledge of the Polish language is obligatory.
  7. Incoming students are subject to the same rules and regulations as their Polish peers:
    • participation is obligatory – 5 absences throughout a semester are allowed;
    • all students are obliged to do their homework, write tests, etc.
  8. Students receive 4 points ECTS after they complete a semester (60 hrs) of their foreign language classes.
  9. The co-ordinator for Erasmus in FLC is Elżbieta Kopeć, contact: elzbieta.kopec@uwr.edu.pl.