Final exam

Final examination in the summer session 2021/2022 consists of written and oral parts and is to be taken in person in FLC (SPNJO) building, pl. Nankiera 2/3.

Students who have completed the course will be examined by their teacher. They do not have register to for the exam.

Only students who have been exempt from the language course can take the Final Examination free of charge. Students who cannot submit an appropriate certificate or document on the basis of which they can be exempt from the course or the exam can take the Certificate Examination.

The final exam is organized for those students who:

  • as a result of our placement test qualified for the exam (achieved C1I level and take the exam on the B2II level),
  • have not taken the exam with their teacher at a designated time at the end of their language course,
  • qualified for the exam on the basis of grades obtained at another university,
    • these grades must be recognised by the SPNJO UWr.

Exam dates in the academic year 2021/2022

Enrolment on final exam in the academic year 2021/2022