PLACEMENT TEST RESULTS 11.03.2022 – all languages

PLACEMENT TEST RESULTS 04.03.2022 - all languages

If you would like to continue learning the language you have studied before, you should take a level test which will be held on FRIDAY, 11th  March 2022 between 06.00  and 21.00

  • It takes 100 minutes to complete the test which consists of 120 tasks.
  • You have got one attempt to take the test.
  • Here are the links to the tests – choose language you want to continue learning.
  • Links are active only on FRIDAY, 11th March 2022 between 06.00 and 21.00.


To write the test you must register using your University of Wroclaw e-mail address.

English link do testu
German link do testu
Spanish link do testu
Italian link do testu
French link do testu
Russian link do testu


The result of the placement test and group assignments will be posted on the Foreign Languages Centre website (here) on Monday, 14th March after 12.00.

Students should find a group at the level they tested for and contact the teacher in order to sign up for the course.