Updated: 07.03.2022


Fulltime Courses

List of language groups for summer semester 2021/2022 will be published on Group Assignment 25.02.2022.

Modern language courses for full-time students continuing the foreign language course in the winter semester and for first-year and second-cycle (Master’s degree) students who, in accordance with the program, start the language course in 1st semester, will be conducted on-line on the MS TEAMS platform.

English and German language courses will be conducted during the hours of Language Sets allocated for particular fields of study:

In case of German and Russian, interfaculty groups may be formed.

Romance languages - classes are held outside the language sets; the hours and days of classes will be agreed with the students at the first meeting.

Detailed lists of groups will be posted on the website of SPNJO, (→ Group Assignment).

Pursuant to Rector's Ordinance No. 42/2020, full-time undergraduate/ post-graduate students, uniform Master's degree students and PhD students are entitled to an additional limit of 60 free teaching hours for optional, extracurricular learning of a foreign language other than English at any level.

We encourage you to take advantage of this offer.